Root Canal Therapy (Endodontics) and Apicoectomy

When most people think of root canals they think of a procedure that costs a lot of money and causes a lot of pain. But what a lot of people don’t realize is that root canals are actually quite a common procedure, with millions of Americans benefiting from them every single year. And they are often the solution to absolve your oral pain and give you your healthy smile back!

​​​​​​​Root Canal Therapy

Getting a “root canal” is just another way of saying that you’re receiving root canal therapy. It’s a process that involves the removal of any infected part of your tooth and the replacement of that infected piece with a strong material that can help strengthen and improve your tooth.

​​​​​​​What is Apicoectomy?

At Haws Family Dentistry, we do more than just root canal therapy. When someone gets a cavity at the very root of their tooth we can perform a minor procedure called an apicoectomy to remove the tip of the tooth root and then seal it up. This can help treat pain and save your tooth from dying. This is great for those who have decay that goes beyond the surface of the tooth.

​​​​​​​Who Needs Root Canal Therapy?

If your tooth has become infected due to cracking, chipping, or other forms of dental trauma then you may want to look into root canal therapy. This can help fix the problem, eliminate discomfort and in some cases, save you from getting a tooth pulled. If you are experiencing dental pain, sensitivity to cold or hot, or have very red and swollen gums surrounding one of your teeth, then you may want to contact a dental professional to see if root canal therapy could help benefit your life!

​​​​​​​What Can I Expect?

If you have been scheduled for a root canal therapy appointment, this is what you can expect. The area in question will be numbed for your comfort and the dental professional will remove the infected or damaged part of your tooth. They will then put a dental crown or filling on top of what remains of your natural tooth and you will be sent home! It’s a very simple and relatively quick procedure.

If you believe your life could benefit from some root canal therapy, give us a call today!